As an organization, we believe that making a positive contribution to our communities is a fundamental responsibility.

Three Major Areas of Focus

Brookfield RPS strives for the highest level of corporate responsibility in all that we do. Our efforts focus on three major areas of responsibility, including:

Charitable Giving

Through various initiatives, the goal of our charitable giving program is to use both our human and financial resources to help enrich the lives of those in need. Our organization has a history of involvement in philanthropy and seeks to instill a culture of charitable giving and volunteerism amongst our staff, colleagues and business partners.

Community Engagement

We believe that Brookfield RPS and its employees should be active participants in the communities in which we conduct business, as a way of giving back and fostering growth. We encourage and support a culture of charity and volunteerism among our employees.


At Brookfield RPS, we pride ourselves on contributing positively to the communities in which we operate. From an environmental perspective, that means we continually strive to minimize our impact on the environment, while balancing the need for economic growth for the company and these communities.

Charitable Giving

Brookfield RPS supports two main charitable organizations, including The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada and United Way Centraide Canada.

The Children's Wish Foundation of Canada

We are very proud of our relationship with the Children’s Wish Foundation, which includes executive volunteering for over 35 combined years, in both national and Ontario chapter advisory board roles.  In 2013 we launched our internal fundraising efforts for the charity.

Pictured above at the 9th Annual Air Transat Golf For Wishes Golf Tournament is former Leaf Wendel Clark, wish child Garrett “G-Man” Gamble and our Executive Vice President James MacQueen who is also Chair of the Children’s Wish Ontario Chapter Advisory Board. (June 11, 2015).

United Way Centraide Canada

We are equally proud of our relationship with the United Way Centraide Canada.  Through Brookfield RPS, our sister companies and our parent Brookfield Asset Management, we have contributed millions of dollars to United Way by way of annual campaign activities and employee donations over the last decade.

Brookfield RPS and Brookfield Global Relocations teams ready to start the 2nd Annual Brookfield Real Estate Stair Climb, in support of the United Way (October 29, 2014).

Through our clients and partners we also provide donations to the following charities:

  • Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation
  • Hospital for Sick Children
  • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
  • Montreal Children’s Hospital
  • Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada
  • Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation

Brookfield RPS participates in the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon in support of Children’s Wish.

Community Engagement

Clean Toronto Together 2016

On April 21st 2017 Brookfield RPS employees took part in Toronto’s ‘Corporate 20 Minute Makeover’. Employees were enthusiastic about cleaning up the streets of Toronto as we picked up garbage and cleaned up our surroundings. This wonderful initiative which takes place on Earth Day demonstrates our commitment to the environment and our community.

For more information on how to get involved in this great initiative, go here.


Volunteer Days

We believe that making a positive contribution to our communities is a fundamental responsibility. Through various initiatives, the goal of our charitable giving program is to use both our human and financial resources to help enrich the lives of those in need and our employees. We provide paid volunteer days to our employees and the diversity of our employees results in contributions to hundreds of not-for-profit organizations across a broad range of initiatives, including education, health, arts and culture, community development and sports and athletics.


At Brookfield RPS we pride ourselves on adhering to the following simple, yet effective, environmental principles:

  • Commit to the principle that our business decisions will address social issues, including the long term sustainability of communities, taking into account the current and future environmental, safety, health and economic considerations.
  • Ensure that effective management systems in all our facilities are in place to minimize risks to the environment, safety health and communities.
  • Comply with all applicable legislation, regulation and with other practices. In the case of the acquisition of an existing operation or facility that is out of compliance, our goal is to operate in compliance as soon as practicable.
  • Establish a clear strategic plan for reducing the amount of energy and fossil fuels necessary for the production of our products. Include targets as necessary.
  • Communicate openly on a timely basis with employees, clients and other stakeholders on activities involving environment, safety and health.
  • Conduct regular self evaluations of our management systems, programs and activities.
  • Review and improve our sustainability practices on an ongoing basis at all levels of the organization.

Progressive Waste Solutions:

Brookfield RPS has partnered with TerraCycle for the conversion of previously non-recyclable / difficult-to-recycle waste into new products, ranging from recycled park benches to upcycled backpacks.  Every Paper Mate®, Sharpie®, Sharpie Accent®, uni-ball® and Expo® sent to TerraCycle, results in a contribution of $0.02 to the Children’s Wish Foundation.

For more information on how TerraCycle works, go here.

Brookfield Asset Management Sustainability Activities:

Our parent company, Brookfield Asset Management, has developed expertise in areas such as energy and water conservation, recycling, wildlife preservation, timber harvesting and erosion control.  They pursue innovative programs and systems that foster environmental responsibility across all their operations; reviewing and improving sustainability practices is an ongoing priority at all levels of the organization.

To learn more about Brookfield’s sustainability activities, go here.

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