End-to-end appraisal management solutions for lenders and insurers, with superior valuation expertise, processes and technology.

Appraisal Management Solutions for Your Unique Needs

Brookfield RPS appraisal management process diagram from ordering to gaining invaluable business intelligence.

Brookfield RPS has over 20 years of experience managing a network of appraisers across Canada and building the infrastructure and expertise in-house to provide a superior, end-to-end appraisal management process on behalf of lenders, mortgage insurers and mortgage brokers.

Easy Ordering Technology

Easy ordering technology diagram showing real time communication between lenders, mortgage insurers, mortgage brokers and our appraisal network.

Collateral Assessment Review (CAR)

Our CAR reviews the collateral as described in the appraisal, including notes and comments made by appraisers on the report, to flag any issues that a financial institution’s review team should be aware of.   These items, as well as the appraised value and any other items the review team needs to see upfront, are contained in a one or two page summary of the appraisal.

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Image representing our Collateral Assessment Review report.

Dedicated Account Management

Dedicated account management means our team is armed with the data they require, knowledgeable, business case driven, there when you need them and passionate.

Business Intelligence

Today, more than ever before, access to business intelligence is a necessity for any company.  As an appraisal management client of Brookfield RPS, we can provide you with custom business intelligence reporting.  You gain the information you need to make better and more informed decisions about your portfolio and the ongoing maintenance of your appraisal management solutions.

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Core Valuation Solutions

Brookfield RPS provides a full suite of appraisal products to meet your business needs.


Full Appraisal

Provides a written report estimate of the market value of a property including an interior and exterior inspection,  as of a specific date.  Appraisers are required to review other relevant and available information on the property, to incorporate in their valuation.


Drive-by Appraisal

Provides a written report estimate of the range of market value of a residential property based on the appraiser driving by the subject property, as of a specific date.  Appraisers are required to review other relevant and available information on the property, to incorporate in their valuation.

Desktop Appraisal

Provides a written report estimate of the market value of a residential property based on the appraiser gathering basic information about the property and assuming it is in average condition.  The appraiser does not drive by the home or go into the home, as the report is completed strictly from their desk.


Other Reports

Including:  Progress Inspections, Vacant Land, Market Rent Stand-Alone, Desk Review, Appraisal Update and Appraisal Verification.

Data-Driven Valuation Solutions

More alternatives to traditional appraisal valuations.


Sophisticated, commercial grade and cost-effective automated home valuations for residential properties across Canada.  Built using advanced machine learning systems and tree-based models.

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Guaranteed Instant Value (GIV) provides a guarantee on an AVM value, resulting in a quick, efficient and low-risk valuation product.

House Price Index

Leveraging our powerful data and proprietary analytics, we have developed a House Price Index that provides the most robust national view of Canadian house price trends, down to the neighbourhood and property style level.

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A custom valuation solution can be designed to include any combination of the aforementioned options, or a completely new solution altogether.  We provide a one-stop-shop for all your valuation needs.

Enhance Your Appraisal Management Solution

In addition to our full suite of valuation products, you can enhance your appraisal management solution with the following:



Utilize the Brookfield RPS API to place real-time decision-making data in the hands of your clients, staff and/or partners to facilitate your mobile strategy.

Neighbourhood Reports

Neighbourhood-level market insight in an easy to use format – including illustrative charts with year-over-year and month-to-month averages.

House Price Tracker

Use timely house price update reports to stay in touch with customers, maintain relevance and increase sales.

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